Two more Toronto based CA firms have joined the Cloud and upgraded their IT with ThinDesk by moving their infrastructure to our data centre.

The firms previously had a handful of onsite servers in an unlocked office closet, poor heating/cooling with a sprinkler head above their critical data, email and applications. Bottom line: there was very little physical security in place and manual offsite back up’s were not done properly or daily. Their costs were very high both in Opex & Capex to continually replace servers, PC’s, Microsoft software, internet, anti-virus etc and many hour’s of onsite support and remote monitoring by their previous IT provider. With ThinDesk these firms are able to reduce costs at the same time centralize to a single platform, increase security 100x, gained offsite data storage/archiving/back-up, reduce their IT carbon foot-print, have better remote access (SSL VPN) with a built in disaster recovery plan and business continuity. If you are a CA firm or any SMB investigating the Cloud and Virtualization; contact us today to learn how we are helping many CA firms across Canada.