ThinDesk, a Markham, Ont.-based managed central computing services provider, won Best Small Business Solution by helping Greenferd Construction of Toronto implement a thin client IT infrastructure.

Scott Martin, director of sales at ThinDesk, said when the company first began working with Greenferd Construction of Toronto, a construction management firm that specializes in commercial interior products, there was no IT plan or dedicated IT administrator in place.

“The controller of the company was also acting as the IT administrator,” Martin said. “The company has 22 employees including five project managers and nine site managers that are mobile. There weren’t a lot of file sharing, efficiencies and processes going on to support their growing business.”
ThinDesk used a centralized IT model for Greenferd Construction of Toronto so staff in the organization could have access to information regardless of where they are. This was achieved through server-based and thin client solutions, delivered using a cloud-based subscription model.

Greenferd Construction of Toronto moved its data and applications to HP ProLiant DL585 servers, which are housed in a fully managed data centre.

ThinDesk provided Greenferd Construction of Toronto employees with BlackBerry smartphones and HP thin client computers, HP mobile thin client computers and HP mobile printers, to print documents on the fly.
Before, Greenferd Construction of Toronto’s in-house employees were e-mailing documents to the site managers. Now, the site managers can work on their thin client laptops, to directly access any data they need while visiting client locations. All of the data is stored in our data centre, which means there’s no risk of ever losing data or having it compromised.

ThinDesk manages the network and the software on the thin client products, freeing us up to focus on day to day operations, Martin explained.

The implementation process took about a month and the solution went live last October.

Martin said ThinDesk solutions can save a company up to 40 per cent of the annual total cost of ownership when compared to traditional, distributed servers and PC environments.

“This is a utility-type model and it’s a fully scalable solution where the user gets the full infrastructure on the back-end, managed e-mail and Office, remote access and more,” Martin said.

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