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Minken Employment Lawyers Upgrades to their own Private Cloud Computing Solution with ThinDesk June 23rd, 2011

Minken Employment Lawyers of Markham, Ontario met ThinDesk when the award-winning Cloud Computing Service Provider Executives spoke at a technology round table with The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) in October 2010. The firm was searching for an IT solution to provide the highest level of security and standards of data management expected of highly regarded legal firms dealing with confidential and critical data. Greater stability of IT systems and potential for growth of business were additional criteria considered.

ThinDesk provided a no obligation review of Minken’s IT and a view of how moving their total infrastructure to the Cloud would look. The firm quickly became convinced that moving to the Cloud would elevate their IT security and reliability to the level exceeding their clients’ expectations. A tour of our Data Centre, where ThinDesk’s Cloud solution is managed was arranged. “Impressive, to say the least!” said Ron Minken, founder and managing lawyer, “armed guards, kevlar lined walls, bullet resistant glass, raised floor, biometrics, full redundancy, 24/7/365 monitoring…”

Shortly thereafter Minken Employment Lawyers converted to the ThinDesk Infrastructure Cloud solution, hosted in our data centre running on virtual HP/ VM Ware servers allowing each user through a private network whether in the office or anywhere in the world access to their personal Windows Desktop with full collaboration, file sharing and application access. Minken’s data is backed up daily and stored in another data center miles away from the Virtual Environment. Minken does not reach ThinDesk’s Cloud over the internet but uses a ThinDesk secured network through BELL. Minken now with the ThinDesk Solution has a Disaster Recovery Program in place that is operative in real time should disaster hit.

Since moving to ThinDesk, Mr. Minken is pleased to report that not only does he sleep better knowing that he has taken steps to provide the firm’s clients with the highest level of security but also has moved his business into a fully collaborative environment increasing staff effectiveness. The Minken staff also confirms that their legal software is more stable and perform much better in the new Enterprise Infrastructure of ThinDesk than the previous small business on-site business servers. Although the driving force to this move was better IT infrastructure, Mr. Minken believes that the investment of resources into the move to ThinDesk Cloud solution will result in greater efficiency, less downtime and significant reduction in IT costs over time.

To learn more contact ThinDesk at; 416-849-1276 or
Minken Employment Lawyers at; (905) 477-7011