Dedicated virtual server(s) centralized in Insite’s world-class data centres, some of the most secure data centres commercially available in Canada!

Insite has the availability of over 4000 square feet of data centre Facilities in 2 Toronto locations. One at Canada’s Carrier Hotel at 151 Front Street West in downtown Toronto and the other just north-east of the downtown core. Insite offers full 24/7 support including “remote hands” for urgent issues.

Secured access bolsters the data centre with features such as 24/7/365 security guards, secured elevator access, secured suite access and an array of video surveillance.

Massive diesel generators located at these facilities guarantee power continuity during a power outage – short or long.

The centres boats a massive chilled water cooling system with built-in redundancy. The data centre is configured with cold and hot aisles. The cooling system is specifically engineered for large amounts of cool air to go to each of the cold aisles.

There are a large number of smoke and fire detectors within our data centre. Once triggered, the FM-200 suppression system is deployed. FM-200 is stored as a liquid in pressurized cylinders. When discharged, the liquid flows through a piping network into the data centre, where it vaporizes. The system is tied into the building’s main alarm panel. FM-200 is uniquely designed to extinguish fire without damaging electrical equipment.


Colocation Space: 2,000 sq. ft. (272,000 sq. ft. total)
Building Structure: Reinforced steel and concrete floors and gridiron network of structural steel on lower and upper roofs
Building Information: Built in 1954 to house telegraph equipment, 151 Front is Canada’s original Telecommunications hub and home of the Toronto Internet Exchange (Torix)


Electric: 13.8 KV Primary and Stand-by redundant feeds (total of two feeds)
Source: Toronto Hydro
Generators: 25 diesel generators offering combined power of 23,165 kVA and four fuel storage facilities
Cooling: ENWAVE deep lake chilled water system


UPS: Liebert UPS (225 kVA /480 V Rating)
Redundancy: Backup generator
Load Design: 150 W/square foot (higher density configurations available)
Remote Monitoring: Yes


Network Design:
– Diverse and redundant pathways connecting to MMR1 and MMR2
– Fully redundant MPLS network with QoS enabled, low latency router and switching architecture
– Multi-homed Network, with extensive Peering and Tier I Transit providers

Network Neutral: Yes
Fibre Entrance: 25 diverse fibre optic Points of Entrance
In-Suite Cross Connects: Fibre or Copper
MMR Access: yes- presence in two MMRs


Cooling System Design: ENWAVE chilled water, Air Conditioning with N + 1 power, hot aisle containment, custom cabinets with built-in fans to draw heat into aisles
Cooling System Capacity: Four 25-tonne units


CCTV: 16 cameras, monitored 24/7/365 (in every aisle)
Cabinets: Individually locked (combination)
Onsite Guards: 24/7/365
Card Access: HID access card
Other: Mantraps, Infrared video surveillance and motion detectors throughout


Fire Suppression: FM 200 Fire Suppression System with discharge vaporized as gas
Fire Protection: Monitored fire detection system with heat, smoke and chemical detection sensors