Your data is always secure! Daily offsite backup to a secondary data centre is always available. We provide a built in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. ThinDesk also provides an ultra-secure password management program.

ThinDesk’s Data begins with the Thin Computing model. We protect all of your data within a world class, “Fort Knox” data center. While data must be and is available easily, we put certain fundamentals in place;

  • Selective network access to authorized remote and corporate users
  •  Disciplined authentication techniques for granting access to sensitive data.
  •  Ensured privacy and integrity of communications. ThinDesk includes data encryption features which protect your network security from intrusions when extending your network to employees and other authorized individuals using the internet infrastructure.
  •  Content security at the gateway to screen out malicious intent, such as viruses and malevolent Java/ActiveX applets
  • Detect network attacks and misuse in real time and respond to defeat an attack
  • Protected internal network addressing schemes and conserving IP
  • Site Security at the ThinDesk designated data centers includes high level restricted access, finger print access recognition, armed guards, bullet proof glass, exterior barricade barriers etc.
  • Firewall management controls electronic access of incoming and outgoing traffic and has established protection protocol for denial of service attacks
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention procedures are active in all ThinDesk environments. The system recognizes the pattern of attacks and takes specific measures to ward them off.

 Intrusion Detection  System (IDS) 
While the firewall defines the rules of access, IDS deals with attempts to attack your sites and/or individual machines. The System recognizes the pattern of the attack and takes specific measures as defined by the security policy and procedures:

  • Network level
    On the network level, IDS screens  external and internal traffic for suspicious activities and implements active or passive response procedures.
  • OS level 
    At the OS level, IDS monitors each individual machine in the network for alteration, which may result in security vulnerabilities. In case of detection, it implements active or passive response procedures.

Antivirus Screening
Content security extends data inspection to the highest level, protecting ThinDesk users from various hazards, including computer viruses and malicious Java or ActiveX applets, while providing granular access control to the Internet. In case of content security violation, the system implements active or passive response procedures. Alert Notification in real time to ThinDesk administrator 24/7.


Secure by Design

Corporate IT groups are continuously challenged to support critical new business initiatives and improve end user computing experiences, while facing limited budgets and mounting pressures to improve information security. Many of these challenges involve making computing resources easier to utilize, regardless of physical and geographical boundaries. Employees are demanding the following:

  • Work anywhere, with a consistent experience, from PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Utilize personal devices within a corporate environment through bring your own device (BYOD) programs.
  • Freedom from rigid IT security controls that restrict performance and inhibit productivity.
  • Access to corporate data and self-provision applications on-demand.


ThinDesk’s Secure by Design strategy leverages Citrix XenApp XenApp is an application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to ThinDesk users anywhere on any device. With XenApp, applications execute in the data center and are securely accessed from any location. Keeping applications and data protected within the hardened data center and hosted in the same location as the back-end databases further enhances application performance even when accessed from distant locations. The application access and performance benefits of XenApp are numerous, but many times the security advantages of a centralized application deployment model are overlooked. XenApp provides an inherently secure architecture that dramatically reduces the quantity of data exposed outside of the data center without configuring extensive security features or add-on security products. The fundamental design of XenApp is to keep all apps, data, and information secured in the data center and only send screen update, mouse click and keystroke commands across the network to the user’s endpoint device. XenApp keeps sensitive corporate information protected in the data center, but employees still need secure access to the XenApp infrastructure. Applications published using XenApp are accessible through ThinDesk Portal and leveraging the Citrix Receiver a lightweight client that can be installed on any type of device, including iOS, Mac® , Andriod® , Windows and more. The entire ThinDesk platform makes it easy for ThinDesk users to securely access applications and corporate data from any type of personal or corporate-owned device while ensuring that IT security procedures and processes are enforced. Citrix Receiver is in constant communication with the XenApp infrastructure, making it easy to identify the optimal application delivery method for any ThinDesk user based on device features, available network connection, and specific application related tasks. ThinDesk users in any location can download Citrix Receiver and securely access XenApp published applications making it easy for IT to meet the employee demands without compromising security standards.