Remote Client Access for Web Outlook

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ThinDesk 1.0 Client Login

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ThinDesk 2.0 Client Login

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Who is ThinDesk for?

ThinDesk’s current clients are CA firms, legal, insurance, financial, non-profit, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution etc.  We provide Managed IT Services to any business with 5 to 500+ desktops located in one or multiple office locations across North America.

How secure is ThinDesk’s Hosted Virtual Desktop?

All files and applications are stored on your own dedicated virtual server in Insite’s world-class data centres located in Canada. Essentially ThinDesk customers have the same security as the Canadian Chartered Banks for less than your current IT costs.

There is no need to upgrade, manage and continually replace your existing servers. We implement the highest possible security at the physical, network, application and storage layers. All ports are locked down and secure. Your business is protected by Enterprise Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Anti-malware and ultra-secure firewalls. We also have additional security measures to ensure ThinDesk employees do not have access to your data.

What does it look and feel like?

When moving to your own Private Cloud with ThinDesk, nothing changes in the appearance of your desktop other than you will be using the latest version of Microsoft. ThinDesk provides a Windows Desktop with MS Office, Outlook, and all your current applications your staff uses every day. Other functions such as printing, scanning etc. also stay the same. If you are currently considering upgrading Windows 7 or 8 – Great! Call us – we can help!

How do software licences work and my mission critical business applications?

ThinDesk provides licences for Microsoft Windows, any version of Microsoft Office, Hosted Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise Server, active-sync, security software including Anti-Virus/Spam/Malware, firewalls and web filtering.  While you are responsible for licensing of the specific applications needed for your business, ThinDesk takes over from there; hosts, manages, updates and patches all your apps.  ThinDesk  hosts over 400 software applications from leading industry providers such as Intuit, Sage, CCH, LexisNexis, Oracle, SAP, as well as custom and smaller applications.   ThinDesk certified software professionals handle all your application management and work directly with your software vendors to meet your software needs.

How do I connect to ThinDesk while in the office?

Your office after ThinDesk is installed does not use an internet connection, nothing travels over the internet. Included with our service is a private network connection/backbone from your office back to the data centre. It is routed, traffic shaped and monitored daily by our Network Engineers to ensure 99.99% uptime. We provision the appropriate bandwidth to give the optimal user experience based on the number of users and types of applications your business uses. We currently manage private multi-bonded DSL networks up to bi-directional Fibre.  We recommend an optional low cost internet connection at your office locations as a failover/redundant line.

How do I access my Desktops? What are Thin Clients?

Each user has their own Windows Desktop with their own secure username and password.  Since your desktop image resides at Insite’s data centres, there isn’t the need for full blown PC’s.

Thin Clients are simple devices; 1/8th the size of a PC with no hard drive, fan or moving parts. They are typically ½ the price of PC and last twice as long. You can keep your same monitors/keyboard/mouse and replace PC’s as they become end of life or fail. You can access ThinDesk from your office on a mixture of secured PC’s, laptops or Thin Clients in the office. Thin Clients have sound cards, 6 USB ports, multi-monitor support, GB Ethernet and wireless.

We recommend adopting the use of thin clients but of course access to your desktop can be from most devices, such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

Remote Access? How do I connect to ThinDesk outside of the office?

Remote access is a huge benefit while using ThinDesk.  Access your entire work desktop including your email/data/applications from a secure web based SSL VPN from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.  You simply need an internet connection and login from a PC, Mac, or tablet devices/Ipad/Playbook anywhere in the world, anytime!  ThinDesk uses a bank-grade SSL encryption and user authentication.

How is ThinDesk different from remote solutions like GoToMyPC or RDP?

GoToMyPC is an unsecured, unencrypted PC remote access only solution. PC remote access solutions (also called desktop-to-desktop solutions) like GoToMyPC require that the computer you are trying to access is turned on and connected to the Internet. Many businesses we encounter use open RDP to access their server remotely. In most cases this involves keeping port 3389 open, the most commonly hacked port in the world with poor performance.

Your business could be at risk. Upgrade your remote access to a web based SSL VPN which there is no need to have your server/PC’s left on in your office.

Do I need to continue to perform manual, in-house back-ups?

No! ThinDesk provides daily, weekly and monthly offsite back ups to a 2nd Enterprise Data Centre retained 13 months offsite. No more buying tapes or external hard drives and worrying if your back-up’s are done properly.

What about Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

ThinDesk customers enjoy Offsite Storage, a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity. For most SMB’s, these three important things are often overlooked or determined too expensive to purchase from individual vendors. They are inherently built into your IT Infrastructure when you move to ThinDesk.

  • Offsite Storage – You’re fully secure in the data centre and backed-up offsite daily to a second data centre.
  • Disaster Recovery – Should your office have a fire, flood, theft or damage you are fully protected.
  • Business Continuity – If you can’t access your office, you can always be connected remotely on any internet connection.


How much does ThinDesk Cost?

Monthly pricing depends on number of users, number of locations, added features, applications, network bandwidth etc. Pricing starts at $99 per month. Contact us for a customized quote and proposal.

What happens to my old hardware when I switch to ThinDesk?

It is up to each business how they wish to dispose of their old hardware. Businesses typically sell their old hardware to their staff or donate it to a charity. In certain cases, ThinDesk will buy back any equipment at pro-rated market value.


ThinDesk provides a confidentiality agreement that both parties sign. ThinDesk staff have background police checks. Your data and applications are always safe and secure at the data centre and available in real time 24/7/365.

What happens to my business’ data when my contract expires?

If you choose to not renew your ThinDesk service, your data will be returned to you then wiped from your servers. ThinDesk does not retain a copy of your business’ data, in accordance with compliancy policies.