Each user has their own Windows Desktop with their own secure username and password.  Since your desktop image resides at Insite’s data centres, there isn’t the need for full blown PC’s.

Thin Clients are simple devices; 1/8th the size of a PC with no hard drive, fan or moving parts. They are typically ½ the price of PC and last twice as long. You can keep your same monitors/keyboard/mouse and replace PC’s as they become end of life or fail. You can access ThinDesk from your office on a mixture of secured PC’s, laptops or Thin Clients in the office. Thin Clients have sound cards, 6 USB ports, multi-monitor support, GB Ethernet and wireless.

We recommend adopting the use of thin clients but of course access to your desktop can be from most devices, such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.