Benefits of Cloud Computing & Virtual Desktops


Spend time conducting business, not buying and maintaining servers, PCs, software, backups, and all other IT related equipment. ThinDesk’s focus on reliability, security, and ease of use makes our virtual desktop solution truly unique.

Here’s why you’ll love using the ThinDesk Virtual Desktop:


Clients using ThinDesk:

  • Save up to 40% by eliminating the cost of owning traditional PC/Server environments.
  • Increase energy efficiency by up to 80% through virtualizing your server and desktop environment.
  • Eliminate the cost of purchasing, supporting, and upgrading equipment and software.
  • Pay one low monthly rate: Pay only for the benefits and applications you need in a low, monthly rate – nothing more.

Reduce your carbon footprint up to 80%

ThinDesk offers one of the greenest IT solutions on the market.   In fact, in 2010 a clinic at Mt. Saini hospital in Toronto saved 65,522 kWh by migrating only 40 desktops and consolidating 10 servers to 1 virtual server on the back end hosted at data centre.   The client received an $8000 hydro rebate.    Contact us to learn more about reducing your  CO2 and possible financial rebate.

Save Energy & Costs: Green Your IT

  • Thin Client Desktops and Laptops use 15% the engery of a typical PC.
  • Typical PC’s have power supplies of 250-400 watts.  If left on 24 hours a day would use 180kw-288kw of power per month.
  • Thin Client devices range in power consumption from 50-65 watts or 36kw-47kw per month.
  • This equates to a 73-88% power savings on the desktop.
  • Further, Thin Clients have twice the lifecycle and are ¼ of the size of a PC, so businesses have a less frequent hardware refresh, therefore producing less waste into landfills.
  • These desktop savings do not include the cost of a energy consumption of a company’s in-house servers, server room cooling, battery backup’s, networking equipment and space air conditioning.   ThinDesk’s customers do not have onsite servers which greatly reduce their carbon footprint.


With ThinDesk, you won’t waste any more time and effort resolving downtime issues or being without critical files. Our Always On Guarantee with 99.99% SLAs ensure your business runs smoothly with dedicated and unlimited real-time support.

Highlights include:

  • Daily offsite backups to a secondary data centre, which are always available.
  • Dedicated, private network connection to our data centre gives you quick and secure access to your email, data, and applications. Multi-Bonded DSL to Fiber connections are included.
  • Completely scalable solution that grows with your organization.

Get all the benefits of an efficient, smooth running IT infrastructure without the problems inherent in traditional office PC environments. Just Turn IT On.


With ThinDesk, your data and files are infinitely more secure than in an office environment.

Your low monthly fee includes:

  • Dedicated virtual server(s) centralized in Insite’s world-class data centres, some of the most secure data centres commercially available in Canada! Small businesses can benefit from the same security much larger enterprises enjoy.
  • Enterprise anti-everything protection against viruses, spam, malware and threats. Enterprise Firewalls are built and in place for your business.
  • Built in Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity.
  • Ultra-secure, protected password management.

With ThinDesk, your files are always securely stored and backed up.

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