ThinDesk as a part of Insite Computer Group Inc. is a managed IT infrastructure solution provider. We are committed to designing, implementing and supporting reliable cost-effective custom solutions at your corporate offices or via our Cloud based services. All of this is based on:


Unsurpassed industry experience in business continuity solutions, virtualization, application delivery, network architecture design and security


Exceptional customer service. We solve problems so that you can run your business


Best in class products as well as a state-of-the-art Datacentres to maximize the security, availability, reliability and flexibility of your technology investment


September 28th, 2012, Markham, ON–Insite Computer Group, Inc., a leading North American IT Services and Solutions provider is proud to announce its merger with Thindesk Inc. This strategic move is expected to strengthen Insite’s Cloud initiatives and foster new market penetration, as two innovative leaders collaborate to bring advanced cloud based solutions to corporate Canada.

Thindesk has begun merging their operations and has moved into Insite’s Woodbine Avenue facility. Both organizations welcome the union of their technology teams, which will allow for a quicker response to customers.

Both Insite and Thindesk are well-known in the IT industry – receiving numerous awards and often called on as experts in the field to participate in panel discussions and interviews with various industry publications.

The two companies will operate under the Insite name while certain service products will be branded using the Thindesk label.

About Insite

insiteInsite Computer Group Inc. is a corporate Managed Infrastructure Organization, with over 20 years in business. Insite offers their customer base across North America a variety of cost cutting Managed Infrastructure services from both their Data Centre environment as well as within their customer’s own premises. As a Business Advisor, they provide managed services to companies that custom fit their corporate strategy using virtualization, application delivery, and business continuity solutions.

Insite Computer Group opened it’s doors in 1989 as an independent service and support organization for the users of high tech computer products. In 1992 corporate customers were pushing for greater cross platform services, which pushed Insite into hybrid networking. Insite was now able to offer a complete solution to its customers crossing multiple hardware and OS platforms.

In the mid 90’s, Insite’s expansion efforts were put in full gear. Our customers had been asking us to provide them with a complete solution, which should include hardware and software as part of the package. Discussions with major manufacturers and distributors in Canada and the US resulted in credit arrangements and authorizations to sell various products to fulfill our customer requirements. Insite had transitioned successfully from a service only organization, into a solution centric company providing full system integration. Service is still the number one issue and will always remain the primary concern for both Insite and its business partners.

In 2001 Insite built its first datacenter and started providing datacenter services to its clients. The industry was changing due to economic pressures and Insite capitalized on these changes and began providing managed infrastructure services in 2002. By saving their customers money Insite began growing the managed services business and started adding a variety of services to meet their customers’ requirements.

Today Insite has two datacentres and a team of talented, technically brilliant people with a strong desire to keep your business up and running. We’re large enough to be your entire outsourced IT department, yet flexible enough to support existing IT departments.

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